The voice of God
I hear so clear
in winds that blow
and songs so dear.

The sky so blue,
clouds floating by,
I hear His voice
and wonder why?

Do I not sit
in silence and be still
and Let My Lord
My Spirit fill?

The clammer and noise
just rushes in,
spoiling the time
I need to be with Him.

To be at His feet,
with an open heart,
This is the way
my day should start.

I hear that soft voice,
calling me,
Come Child,
I need to set you free.

So much confusion,
chaos and strife,
distractions galore,
they can ruin a life.

Come dine with Me,
be at My feet,
I have much to teach you,
Before the day is complete.

You are weary and worn,
from the cares of life,
I warned you about this,
so much contention and strife.

Learn to be still,
Hear my voice,
in the wind that blows,
and your heart will rejoice.

I will quiet your spirit,
but you must obey,
Hear me out child,
do not delay!

The stress of life,
will wear you out,
Spend time with Me,
I will remove those doubts.

Listen Child,
Come close to Me,
I am here for you,
For all Eternity.

Hear the birds,
sing sweetly in the trees,
Listen to flowers,
as they blow in the breeze.

My voice is there,
calling to you,
in the falling leaves
and sky so blue.

Look at the petals,
of a rose,
smell the fragrance
and all I disclose.

The ocean waves,
stars in the sky,
All this I created,
do not let them pass you by!

I count those tears,
I see the distress,
When you come to Me,
I give you peace and rest!

I love my children
gathered round my knee,
Now come Child,
my voice is calling to thee!

Mary Ann Trott
September 6th, 20th, 2012




Lord I know the time is short,
but it isn’t short enough for me.
My heart longs to be with You
and start enjoying Eternity!

No more sorrow, suffering or pain
awaits us all up there,
around the throne of God
No longer will be a care!

I want to walk with Jesus
See his face in all His glory,
My heart beats Oh God
To hear the Redemption story.

I don’t care about Mansions,
Even streets paved with Gold,
I just want to be Jesus,
His Beauty to Behold!

Just give me a little cabin,
simple with no frills,
Just let me walk with You
On those rolling Hills.

Right now on this earth Oh Father,
so much is taking place,
My heart is torn in two
And You, they are trying to replace.

They build their idols
right before Your eyes,
Scoffers are arising now,
Telling us all their lies!

Whats around the corner Lord?
Man has lost his mind,
no respect for people,
Killing to pass the time.

Rage seems to reign,
Slaughter at the blink of an eye,
You told us all to keep our eyes
on that Eastern sky!

Come Lord Jesus, Come,
wickedness abounds,
My heart and soul just burst
to hear that trumpet sound!

Waiting for You to descend
from Heaven with a loud Shout!
Gathering all Your children,
Thats what its all about!

I know I must be patient,
more sowing we must do,
But my eyes are looking upward,
And my ears are tuned to You!

I wish tonight was the night,
To hear that trumpet blast!
And hear Your glorious Shout,
Your children coming home at last!

Mary Ann Trott
September 23rd, 2012


Jesus alone in clouds love it

Open our eyes Lord,
Help us to see,
The needs around us,
send us to our knees!

Easily deceived,
playing the games,
The devil outwits us,
if in You, we don’t remain.

So much around us
to draw us astray,
The lastest gadgets
All on display!

Counterfeit toys,
The enemies tools,
enticing us Father,
to break all Your rules.

We search for happiness
in pleasure and things,
that can’t satisfy us,
No joy it brings.

We run to our idols,
depending on man,
going in circles,
as fast as we can.

Do we see the children,
bellies englarged?
Drought and famine,
No one in charge?

Eating from dumpsters,
tears in their eyes,
Do we try to help them,
Do we even realize?

Lord have mercy on us,
Make our hearts pure,
Tender and loving,
Kind to the Poor.

If only a smile,
phone call or visit,
Word of Encouragement,
Lord let us live it.

How we treat others Lord,
Is how we treat You,
Remind us of this,
As Your Word is so true!

Cleanse us Oh Lord,
From our selfish ways,
Flood us with Your Love,
Oh Sweet Ancient of Days!

Mary Ann Trott
October 25, 2012




I am holding on with all my might,
though waves pound at my boat,
I am reaching up to Jesus,
to keep myself afloat.

The sky is dark,
I cannot see,
The waves are crashing
over Me.

Where are you God
on this dark night,
when all seems lost
no one in sight?

Morning comes,
I have survived,
By Gods grace,
I am still alive.

The clouds part,
sky is blue,
Your Promises dear God
have proven true!

Though overwhelmed,
I might be,
Its you, Oh God
who carries me.

I cannot walk
this life alone,
I need Your strength,
To call my own.

The waters calm,
reflections I see,
Colors of the Rainbow,
dancing over me!

Thank you Lord,
You do understand,
I can’t survive
without Your helping Hand!

Mary Ann Trott – November, 2012

We walk by faith and not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5.7



Lord how I miss
my family and friends,
those who went before us
with no warning it would end.

We never saw it coming,
so quickly they left
their journey has ended
and now we are bereft.

How I miss their smiles,
calls and laughter,
so much seems gone,
they have entered the hereafter.

I know they are content,
filled with peace beyond all measure,
They are now in your Presence,
And have become Your special treasure.

Did I let them know,
how much I cared,
did I spare the time.
and with them shared?

The joy they brought me,
the sound of their voice,
no longer with us
but not by our choice.

They served You well,
Their rest has come,
let us accept now
the new life they have begun.

How I envy them Lord,
no suffering or pain,
Surrounded by Your presence,
Never to hurt again.

Please tell them Father,
what they meant to me,
I am so grateful for the time,
They served you so faithfully.

They encouraged my faith,
helped me be strong,
As I saw how they lived,
Now with You, they belong!

Let us not be careless,
With what God has lent us,
or take for granted,
those He has sent us!

Forgive us Father,
for not reaching out to touch,
and thanking all those,
who have blessed us so much!

They were here one minute,
Now they are gone,
Oh how we miss them,
Lord help us be strong!

Dedicated to the precious people God put
in my life who have now gone to be with Him in Glory.
Family members, precious friends from many years ago,
and recent friends who have gone,
and wonderful Internet friends I was blessed to have met
who helped build my faith and trust in God and who were such
a blessing to me!

bar lovely roses

Mary Ann Trott
November 26th, 2012



merry cmas gorg bells

Dear Lord I sit and ponder,
what should I get each one?
Hours are spent in shopping,
Its only just begun!

The hustle and bustle,
running through the malls,
We are exhausted before we start,
And yet our duty calls.

Lord I want a simple Christmas,
the old fashioned kind of way,
where life was not so hectic,
And so much on display!

I love the Children’s concerts,
but even those have changed,
Very few have Nativity scenes,
No longer do I hear Your name.

I long to celebrate Your Birth,
so simple and serene,
with snowflakes falling softly,
upon my window screen!

What can I give them Father,
how can I show you care,
With so much taking place,
With the whole world in such despair!

There is no peace dear Lord,
just confusion and dismay,
Wars and rumors of wars,
Where is Christmas day?

Child, give My Love to them,
Tell them how much I care.
Don’t let another day pass
Without spreading My joy everywhere!

Its not about presents dear child,
Nor tinsel on the trees,
Its about My coming to earth
To save such ones as these!

Share the story of My birth,
with those who do not know,
How much I love each one of them,
As they watch the candles glow.

Make time for those so lonely
at this time of the year,
Loved ones have passed on
and they need a Word of Cheer.

Share my love, joy and peace,
with everyone you meet,
Speak words of Love to all,
So many are near defeat!

But Lord how I wish I could have seen
that glorious night,
with Wise men and Shepherds,
Following a star so bright.

With hosts of Angels,
lighting up the skies,
Singing Hallelujahs
And Praises to God Most High!

To have gazed upon that baby in a Manger,
And looked into His little face,
Who grew up one day in stature,
and changed the Whole Human Race!

To have seen His smile,
and eyes so pure,
Looking deeply into my soul,
With love forevermore!

Oh Hallelujah,
Let the Praises ring,
Soon we will be face to face
With Jesus Christ, The King of Kings!


Mary Ann Trott
December 7th, 2012

Luke 2.10
But the Angel said to them
“Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you
good news of a great joy which will come
to all the people.” (Amplified Bible)

Luke 2.20
And the Shepherds returned, glorifying and
praising God for all things they had heard and
seen, just as it had been told them.




Heavenly Father
this morning I see,
the destruction caused
by Hurricane Sandy!

Lord our hearts bleed,
for the sorrows of man,
Help us Lord
just to understand.

Hearts are torn,
homes destroyed,
whole cites gone,
So many unemployed.

Help them find relief,
let our prayers be heard,
Strengthen them Oh God,
Lift and undergird.

Man cannot survive,
with hopelessness and despair,
They have to know dear Lord,
That someone really cares.

They are faint Oh Lord,
some can barely walk,
they are fragile and weak,
Some refuse to talk.

Give these people strength,
that only comes from You,
Carry their burdens Lord,
or they will never make it through.

Raise them up dear Lord,
undergird with strength,
Bless the Red Cross, Smaritans Purse,
And all those who go the extra length.

Be their shelter Lord,
in the days of their distress,
Let them call on You,
and find their peace and rest.

Restore and rebuild Oh God,
give them some relief,
Provide for all their needs,
In their great time of grief!

Oceans are raging,
Nations in distress,
Perilous times are here,
In You only Lord is Rest!

Help us do our part,
whatever it may be,
However so humble dear Lord,
We are doing it as unto Thee!

Mary Ann Trott
October 31st, 2012

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