bar silver bells gorg
Dear Lord its been so hectic,
Running all around,
I am missing the important things,
That in You only, can be found!
bar gorg wreathe
Where is the Christmas peace,
that I need deep within my soul,
Why don’t I just slow down,
and try not to reach so many goals?
bar gorg wreathe
My Spirit longs for silent night,
Holy is the Lamb,
Just to sit in stillness
and get to know you, the great “I Am”.
bar gorg wreathe
They call it “Midnight madness” Lord,
Shopping all hours of the night,
Running out the doors,
To me, its such a fright!
bar gorg wreathe
Sale signs flashing, neon lights,
bright as Rudolph’s nose, Merrily on our way we go,
dashing through the snow.
bar gorg wreathe
Remind me lord
once again
about Peace on Earth
Goodwill to men!
bar gorg wreathe
Child You need
the stillness of the night.
Not dashing to and fro,
In Me, you will find your true Delight!
bar gorg wreathe
Listen to the carols,
let them minister to your soul,
Let all else fall away child,
Till you know your Spirits whole.
bar gorg wreathe
Man has turned things upside down,
don’t get caught in this frantic pace,
Lay aside these burdens,
Child, this is not a race.
bar gorg wreathe
Look upon your window pane,
For the softly fallen snow,
all about you I have created things,
To make your Spirit all aglow!
bar gorg wreathe
Let there be reflection,
Quiet and still your soul,
Spend time with Me, away from all,
And Christmas Peace, you’ll always know!
Mary Ann Trott
December 19th, 2012

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