may God bless you with love and pace

Father its the end of
another year,
A time when your will
has been made very clear.

This earth is suffering,
floods, drought and disaster,
Your Word has prepared us,
You are Our Lord and Master!

Thank you for the
kind souls that truly care,
the friends that encourage
when we are laid bare!

Thank you for hope
to sustain a weary soul,
Your Word that heals us
and makes us whole!

Thank you for those
who have tender hearts,
who walk with us,
when the way is dark.

Thank you for Pastors,
Leaders and such,
You gave to us
And who give us so much!

Thank you for families,
And friends who share,
Who take the time
To show us they care!

Help us remember
those suffering Saints,
persecuted Brethren
who are weak and faint.

Let us choose Leaders,
who will take us through,
on bended knee
Who will Worship You!

Hear our Hearts cry,
for the deep needs of man,
lost souls wandering,
Lord help them understand!

Give us new courage,
though weary some be,
Help us rise up,
To serve You faithfully.

Thank you Lord
for another year,
of trials and tests,
Though we shed many tears.

Your grace is abounding,
Your love has no measure,
You created man
For Your love and pleasure!

Now we head into
another year,
With You beside us,
We need Not Fear!

Thank You Father,
For the hope we have,
Eternity with You,
Makes my heart glad!

Nothing on earth
can take Your place,
My Saviour, Redeemer,
Oh Your Majesty and Grace!


Mary Ann Trott
December 31, 2011



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