bird brn back and blue front


I speak to my soul,
“Be Still”,
God has not left,
He never will.

Though desolate
I may feel,
His presence is with me
and His love very real.

Tossed about,
We may be,
But He gathers our tears
For all Eternity.

Clouds may darken,
The Road is long,
But I hear His Voice
“Child, sing me a song”.

Sing my soul, Sing,
Praise His Name,
Raise your voice
He will forever sustain!

My heart is heavy,
Burdens weigh me down,
Lord how can I sing,
when I wear but a frown?

Oh Child of mine,
Why so blue?
I knew you before you were born,
and watched over you!

Look up child,
to Me, your cares release,
I am here for you,
Your Great High Priest!

The birds sleep
though dark the night,
They have no fear,
For I Am their sight!

Stand strong,
Cast those cares on Me,
No longer in Bondage,
I have set you free!

Now rest Child,
But at the break of Dawn,
Rise up early,
And sing Me a Song!

Mary Ann Trott
June 7, 2012


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