My heart cries out Lord,
I need to feel you Peace,
Valley’s are deep
I need to have release.

Time marches on,
so much distress,
I need to see your Majesty
And feel at peace and rest.

Turmoil surrounds us,
life spirals out of control,
But You speak to my heart
And try to Quiet and still my soul.

So much confusion,
I feel lost in despair,
naked and alone
Do you truly care?

I look to Your Word,
and it starts to speak,
Walk by faith, not by sight,
Or My child you’ll be weak.

Faint not, nor lose your hope,
Keep your trust in Me,
Have I not promised to sustain
and never to forsake thee!

I am Here though it is dark,
at times you cannot see,
nor feel my Presence by your side,
But I am here with Thee!

In the dark hours of the night,
When tears run down your cheek,
Look up and see Me my face child,
I am strong but you are weak.

The tempter comes to taunt you,
put thoughts inside your mind,
Pay no heed to him,
He is Master of this kind.

Look to Me, lift up your voice,
I want to hear your Praise,
Sing to Me, Call My Name,
I Am the Ancient of Days!

Let not your heart be troubled,
I will never leave your side,
Rest now my Child,
You are my Joy and Pride.

Fear not, nor be dismayed,
Just cry out to Me,
I hear your every Word,
I long to set your Free!

Rest now weary one,
Your Trials I will bear,
Cast those cares of Me,
I AM the One who truly cares!

My grace is sufficient,
Your heart can be at peace,
Peace flows like a River,
When to Me, your cares release!

Mary AnnTrott
October 20, 2011


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