Lead me on
Help me stand,
don’t let me get entangled
and miss the Promised Land.

Give me Your meek
and gentle Spirit,
Tune my ear to You
and let me fear it!

Noise, confusion all around,
things to draw us away
from You
and Miss our Crown.

Let me walk that
straight and narrow way,
there is no room
for foolishness to stray.

This earth is corrupted,
lawlessness abounds,
I long to hear
that trumpet sound!

Resue me Lord,
from contention and strife,
Let me live like Jesus did,
A holy and righteous life.

The road we tred
is filled with satans snares,
He sets the traps
Tries to catch us unawares!

Led me on
Precious Lord,
Give me strength
To walk in One Accord!

Remove the blinders
from our eyes,
Send Your mercy,
Let us not be caught by surprise!

Keep us strong
Oh Precious Saviour,
Rid ourselves,
of selfish behaviour.

Let Your love flow,
Into our hearts,
Take control
From us, never depart!

Help us walk
in newness of life,
putting aside
All bitterness and strife.

Fill us with
the Joy of the Lord,
To hate our brothers,
we cannot afford!

Quench our thirst,
Let the Rivers flow,
Ancient of Days,
I love you so!

Without You,
I could not walk a mile,
Would not care
To bring anyone a smile!

Flood us Father,
with Your love divine,
Without You,
we are so selfishly inclined!

Let us bring Glory,
to Your Holy Name,
Fill us to overflowing,
We will never be the same!

Mary Ann Trott
August 19th, 2012


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