bar dove nice use it


He is – Father to the orphans
He is – Comfort in the storms
He is – Hope to the Hopeless
He is – Shelter to the worn!

He is – Help for the helpless
He is – Seeking for the lost
He is – Healing to the hurting
He is – Our Saviour at great cost!

He is – Bearer of our burdens
He is – Strength for the weary
He is – Gentle with the anguished
He is – Close to the teary!

He is – Kind to the friendless
He is – Shepherd of the sheep
He is – Gentle with the frail
He is – Keeper of the meek!

He is – The Word of God
He is – Home for the homeless
He is – Peace in the Storm
He is – Our hope in distress!

He is – Deliverer of the captives
He is – with us from the start
He is – Soon Coming King
He is -The Song in our hearts!

He is – My Intercessor
He is – Everlasting Father
He is – Drawing us closer
He is – The Living Water!

He is – Rescuer of the Dying
He is – Captain of the Host
He is – The Resurrection and the Life
He is – To those who love Him most!

He is – My refuge and Strong Tower
He is – The Bright and Morning Star
He is – The Lily of My Valley
He is – With me from afar!

Mary Ann Trott
September 30th, 2012


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