I hear Jesus calling,
Come unto Me,
I long to help you
and Set you free.

Oh Lord and My God,
My Redeemer and Friend,
I must always learn,
On You to depend.

Lift us up Father,
to Heights unknown,
And show our allegiance
To you Alone!

You are coming soon,
Our hearts rejoice,
But for now
we have a choice.

We can rise up
with Angels wings,
This life is temporal,
We must not cling.

To things of this world,
that pass away,
We must come out,
Not here to stay!

Your worthy Oh Lord,
Our hearts do Praise,
Lift us up Lord,
The Ancient of Days!

This world has nothing
to offer me,
You paid the Sacrifice
and Set me free.

Keep my focus
where it needs to be,
Upon Jesus only
Who truly loves me!

I long for you Lord,
And your Glory to see,
To be with You
is enough for me!

My Father in Heaven,
You love us so,
Creatures so unworthy,
here below.

How I thank
and Praise Your Name,
You saved my soul,
A new Creature, I became.

I long to see You
Face to Face,
Bow before You
and submit to Your Grace.

Nothing on earth
Is worth the price,
To reject Jesus
Our Only Sacrifice!

There is no other way,
To see Gods face,
but bow at his feet
And receive His Grace.

Jesus is calling,
One by one,
Come to Me,
The Only Begotten Son!

He wants you to come now,
His arms open wide,
come children come,
You must decide!

Eternity you face,
Its your decision,
Call On His Name,
For our Christ has Risen!

Do not play games,
Nor close a deaf ear,
Heed His Voice,
The time is Near!

Do not harden
your hearts,
Though scoffers there’ll be,
Come now, while Salvation is Free!

He took our place,
upon that tree,
Carried our sins
and all Iniquities.

His took the fall
tortured was He,
Whipped and scourged,
All for You and Me!

He awaits now
For you to decide,
Eternity with Him,
Or die in your pride!

Jesus is calling,
He has paid the price,
Gave up His life,
He gladly Sacrificed!

Come to the Saviour,
He is calling your name,
He wants you with Him,
You’ll never be the same!

Your future secure,
In His loving embrace,
While we wait here on earth
To See Him Face to Face!

Mary Ann Trott
September 13, 2011


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