The voice of God
I hear so clear
in winds that blow
and songs so dear.
The sky so blue,
clouds floating by,
I hear His voice
and wonder why?
Do I not sit
in silence and be still
and Let My Lord
My Spirit fill?
The clammer and noise
just rushes in,
spoiling the time
I need to be with Him.
To be at His feet,
with an open heart,
This is the way
my day should start.
I hear that soft voice,
calling me,
Come Child,
I need to set you free.
So much confusion,
chaos and strife,
distractions galore,
they can ruin a life.
Come dine with Me,
be at My feet,
I have much to teach you,
Before the day is complete.
You are weary and worn,
from the cares of life,
I warned you about this,
so much contention and strife.
Learn to be still,
Hear my voice,
in the wind that blows,
and your heart will rejoice.
I will quiet your spirit,
but you must obey,
Hear me out child,
do not delay!
The stress of life,
will wear you out,
Spend time with Me,
I will remove those doubts.
Listen Child,
Come close to Me,
I am here for you,
For all Eternity.
Hear the birds,
sings sweetly in the trees,
Listen to flowers,
as they blow in the breeze.
My voice is there,
calling to you,
in the falling leaves
and sky so blue.
Look at the petals,
of a rose,
smell the fragrance
and all I disclose.
The ocean waves,
stars in the sky,
All this I created,
do not let them pass you by!
I count those tears,
I see the distress,
When you come to Me,
I give you peace and rest!
I love my children
gathered round my knee,
Now come Child,
my voice is calling to thee!
Mary Ann Trott
September 6th, 2012



Father God,
I sit here tonight,
watching the News
Oh Lord, what a fright!
The earth is scorched,
pruned and dried,
some parts flooded,
darkening skies.
Where are the watchmen?
Where are the prayers,
What is my part,
Am I even aware?
Time marches on,
Revelation revealed,
Daniel warned us,
Books are unsealed!
Destruction and death,
is man prepared?
For all that is coming,
Are they even scared?
Its hard to observe
from day to day,
all that is happening,
but You will have Your way.
The path is laid out,
loud and clear,
Jesus is Calling,
“My Children, Come Near”.
Look up to Me,
Rend your hearts,
Walk the narrow road,
From Me, you must never depart.
Forsake all false gods,
who squander your time,
You live for Me,
Child, you are Mine.
I have warned enough,
My Word stands true,
I Am the Only One
Who can rescue You.
Walk away
get on the narrow road,
Its the only way,
To my Heavenly abode.
My Child, you must
spend time with Me,
I am sufficient
and will satisfy Thee!
Be ready at all times,
Sound the alarm,
Souls are at stake,
But in Me, You remain unharmed.
Turmoil ahead,
as storms increase,
waters rising,
You ask, “will these ever cease”?
One day soon
That trumpet will sound,
I told you to watch,
I will gather you all around!
You have nothing to fear,
I will never leave you alone,
Stay close to Me,
For your sins, I atone!
Others are watching,
questions arise,
Tell them child,
They must realize.
I need your mouth,
hands and feet,
to carry My Word
For My mission to be complete!
Spread My Gospel
far and wide,
In every way you can,
do not let this slide!
Be still and know
that I am God,
I am with you Child,
This path I have trod!
As storms arise,
Oceans overflow,
Look up to Me,
My Spirit tells you so!
Mary Ann Trott
August 13th, 2012




Lead me on
Help me stand,
don’t let me get entangled
and miss the Promised Land.
Give me Your meek
and gentle Spirit,
Tune my ear to You
and let me fear it!
Noise, confusion all around,
things to draw us away
from You
and Miss our Crown.
Let me walk that
straight and narrow way,
there is no room
for foolishness to stray.
This earth is corrupted,
lawlessness abounds,
I long to hear
that trumpet sound!
Resue me Lord,
from contention and strife,
Let me live like Jesus did,
A holy and righteous life.
The road we tred
is filled with satans snares,
He sets the traps
Tries to catch us unawares!
Led me on
Precious Lord,
Give me strength
To walk in One Accord!
Remove the blinders
from our eyes,
Send Your mercy,
Let us not be caught by surprise!
Keep us strong
Oh Precious Saviour,
Rid ourselves,
of selfish behaviour.
Let Your love flow,
Into our hearts,
Take control
From us, never depart!
Help us walk
in newness of life,
putting aside
All bitterness and strife.
Fill us with
the Joy of the Lord,
To hate our brothers,
we cannot afford!
Quench our thirst,
Let the Rivers flow,
Ancient of Days,
I love you so!
Without You,
I could not walk a mile,
Would not care
To bring anyone a smile!
Flood us Father,
with Your love divine,
Without You,
we are so selfishly inclined!
Let us bring Glory,
to Your Holy Name,
Fill us to overflowing,
We will never be the same!
Mary Ann Trott
August 19th, 2012




To see Jesus

in All His Glory,
that is my hope
and Redemption story.
He saved my soul,
gave me new life,
led me out of the darkness
and away from sin and strife.
He walks with me,
along life’s road,
In the ups and downs
He carries the load.
Upon His shoulders,
The Government remains,
Nothing on earth
Will that ever change!
When I call His Name
He calms My soul,
Peace Be Still,
On Him, my burdens do roll!
There is no one like Jesus,
Nor ever will be,
He is the King of Glory
For All Eternity!
Left His Heavenly throne,
and to earth He came,
To die on the Cross,
And remove our sin and shame.
When I toss and turn at night
shed many tears,
He speaks to me,
and calms all my fears.
Amazing Grace,
How sweet the sound,
To save a sinner like me,
Lost, but now I am found.
Soon, very soon,
He will call us home,
Gathered round His Throne,
Never more to roam!
and Praise His Holy Name,
The Holy One of Israel
With Him, I will forever remain!
Mary Ann Trott
August, 2012