I need to see the Ocean,
the place I long for most,
where I can see Your Might and power
And hear the Holy Ghost!
I climb up on My Rock
and see the Ocean waves
The Size itself is beyond belief,
Created by the Ancient of Days.
If You can hold the Seas in place,
then You can Shelter Me,
Give me strength to walk each day
In Joy and Victory!
I see the whitecaps glistening,
Beauty beyond my wildest dreams,
Thrown about with winds so strong,
Its not possible it seems!
Our Creator, Mighty God,
All of this to view,
It calms the soul inside me,
And captures a Side of You.
The pounding surf,
waves tossed about,
I feel this way at times,
But still I want to shout!
You are My compass,
guiding me through each storm,
Keeping my ship afloat,
Though at times, I am weary and worn!
I want to stay upon this Rock
forever and a day,
and see the Ocean twist and turn,
And Nature on display!
But I know deep within,
You are the Only Rock for Me,
You captured my heart and claimed my soul
That day at Calvary!
All the sights and sounds on earth
are nothing in compare
to seeing Jesus face one day,
and Living with Him there!
Oh Come Messiah, Prince of Peace,
Come and take us home,
I long for the day that I can be,
Gathered around Your Heavenly Throne!
Mary Ann Trott
June 1, 2012


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