He took my place upon that tree,
oh the sins He bore for you and me.
The tears I shed were on his back,
He bled, He died, He bought me back.

The trail of Love He left behind
for all to see but they were blind.
The sneers, the crowds, their angry fear
hurt my dear Saviour as they drew near.

They tore his flesh, they beat his brow,
they mocked and cheered, an empty crowd.
He gave his Life for you and me
as He hung upon the cross at Calvary.

Their empty eyes, their angry stare,
as they watched my Saviour hanging there.
If they had known who was on that tree,
they would have bowed at Calvary.

But He took MY PLACE and willingly,
gave up His life for you and me.
As the sky grew dark and blackness came,
He bore my sin, He bore my shame.

My Saviour died upon that tree
one dark day at Calvary.
He broke the power of sin and shame
never again to bear that pain.

He took My place, He bled and died,
So I can be forever by His side.

Oh the Joy that set me free
the day my Saviour died for Me.

Our Risen Lord who took my place,
is now in Heaven as He waits,
the time is near for the trumpet blast,
My Saviour’s Shout, we are home at last!

Blessings, Mary ann Trott
November 11th, 2007
This is the first Poem God gave me.


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