The Lamb of God who walked this earth,
You came and died and gave New Birth.
Oh so Worthy are you Lord,
We all sing to you in One accord!

We lay our Crowns at your feet,
You have made us dear Lord, oh so complete.
There is No one like You anyplace,
How we long to gaze upon your face.

When we look upon the Ocean shore,
You gave us all this, yet so much more!
The Majestic trees of every kind,
A single Rose, are we so blind?

The birds singing in the trees,
flowers dancing in the breeze.
The morning grass, so full of dew,
Oh Lord, this makes us think of You!

A babies face and tenderness,
Oh Lord with this you have carassed,
Our hearts expand, we feel such love,
Coming only from the Father above.

To walk those shores of Galilee,
with One so wise as thee,
To see your face and hear your voice,
Oh Lord, how my heart would have rejoiced!

You walked this earth, touched many hearts,
Gave grown men a brand new start.
You fished with men you loved so much,
You reached their hearts with tender touch.

Men so full of vigor and life,
Yet in your presence, nothing else would suffice,
Your closeness they longed to behold,
Oh Lord, their hearts to you were sold!

Your heart so full of Love for man,
You gave your life, how will we ever understand?
Mere man, so foolish and unwise,
Yet you left your Home in the Heavenly skies.

Oh Lord to have seen your long wavy hair,
blowing in the wind without a care,
Even knowing you`d face the Cross,
You thought of us and paid the cost!

From the Cross your eyes did see,
The emptiness of Humanity.
Your look of Love, they did not embrace,
They turned their backs upon your grace.

There is Rivalry, bitterness and disunity,
Each man for himself, Oh Lord what a pity.
We need to lay hold and change our ways,
Learn lessons taught by the Ancient of Days!

Your near, Even at the Door,
All signs are here, you have shown us before,
Your Word declares, and such shall be,
No man can stop the plans of Thee!

There is no one like You on this earth,
You came to us, a babe at birth.
You grew in wisdom, stature and Love,
Now I long for you in My Home above!

Mary Ann Trott
May 22, 2009



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