In the early morning hours,
I gather up my Bible
and head out to my deck
Where I am anything but idle.
I sit in a quiet place 
to meditate,
read God’s Word
but then I hesitate.
I look up
and  there I see
a Rabbit running
wild and free.
He pauses here
and dashes there,
I see God’s Wonders
Worship begins
to fill my heart,
I read His Word
and my day does start.
I ponder as
the trees I see,
dancing in the wind
Just meant for me!
My spirit is alive
and Praise begins,
Father your Creation
brings a Hallowed Amen!
I look up
And see the sky,
all colors of blue,
White clouds floating by.
My spirit soars
As I read His Word,
I know beyond a doubt,
My prayers are being heard.
My front porch
has become a Sanctuary,
Where I meet my God
And there we tarry.
Surrounded by the Glory
of the Living King,
My Spirit rejoices,
and Inside Praises ring.
Each day I meet
My God out there,
On my Front Porch
Where He makes we aware!
And Through His eyes
I suddenly see,
That Nature was meant
To restore You and Me!
Lord you have created
This World for us,
Let us not miss the blessings
And in You, put our trust.


Wildlife, trees,
Flowers in bloom,
You have arranged all this
To remove all doom and gloom.
It thrills my soul,
When a deer strolls by,
Those deep dark eyes,
All their needs, You supply!
I thank you
for my front porch view,
Where I sit and ponder
And share my thoughts with You!
Mary Ann Trott
July 21, 2011


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donnaandmike
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 13:38:13

    Good morning Mary Ann, I wanted to say thank-you for posting these beautiful poems! May God bless you abundantly my sister and friend.


  2. Lynn
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 16:51:53

    Awesome Mary Ann! You are doing great! God is blessing you and thank you for sharing with us!


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