God so loved the world,
that to us He gave,
His heart, His life
on that Good Friday day.
So sons and daughters
would find Eternal life,
 show love for each other
not contention and strife.
What are the signs
of our love for each other?
Respect, trust, honesty
for our sisters and brothers.
Who is the accuser
but satan himself,
tear down the brethren,
get us into ourself.
God died in our place,
in His love, He strives,
to show his dear children
what is true sacrifice?
Today is Valentine’s day,
have we loved and forgiven,
or carrying our grudges
Lord knows right to Heaven?
Our Father must weep,
on days like today,
His Love, Mercy and understanding
Are all on display.
Did we tell Him we love Him?
or get caught up in our needs,
wants and desires,
showing selfishness and greed.
Lord help us recover
from the wounds of our past,
forgive our betrayers
and find peace at last.
Start showing the Love
that you suffered and died for,
Forgive our sisters and brothers
And stop trying to settle the score.
Move on us Oh Lord,
fill our hearts overflowing,
With Your Dear Spirit,
Let Your fruit be showing!
On this special Day
May we thank You, most of all,
For the work of the Cross
And all it involves.
Happy Valentine’s Day
to My family and friends,
Let us love one another
and On Jesus depend!
Mary Ann Trott
February 14, 2011


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