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My Lord and My God,
I come before you this day,
I lift up Holy Hands
To the Ancient of days!
One hour in Your presence
My dear Sweet Lord,
fills me with strength
to miss such, I cannot afford.
Help my friends Father,
I see them suffering so,
My heart cries out for them
As tears down their faces flow.
Encircle us Oh God,
from the storms that rage,
I see the battle stronger
As our enemies engage.
Draw us closer Lord,
As time is marching on,
Fill our hearts with love
Let us praise in Mighty song!
Let us not grow weary
as hardships they increase.
Keep us strong in you, Oh Lord,
for the battles never cease!
You are Our strength, Oh God,
We must keep our eyes on You,
Though tested and tried,
You have promised to see us through.
Help those battle scarred,
Lift up their weary hands,
Give us wisdom, Mighty God,
so we may understand.
Help us, Oh Father
Not to succomb,
to temptations around us
though many will come!
Keep us pure,
Stedfast and strong,
As we finish the course,
We know to whom we belong!
I see Oceans churning,
men’s hearts filled with fear,
It means only one thing,
Your coming is Near!
I bow down before you,
Praising your Holy Name,
Your voice echoes inside me,
Child hold on, I am coming again!
Mary Ann Trott
June 5, 2009




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Father its the end of
another year,
A time when your will
has been made very clear.
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This earth is suffering,
floods, drought and disaster,
Your Word has prepared us,
You are Our Lord and Master!
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Thank you for the
kind souls that truly care,
the friends that encourage
when we are laid bare!
bar cross Jesus bible
Thank you for hope
to sustain a weary soul,
Your Word that heals us
and makes us whole!
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Thank you for those
who have tender hearts,
who walk with us,
when the way is dark.
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Thank you for Pastors,
Leaders and such,
You gave to us
And who give us so much!
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Thank you for families,
And friends who share,
Who take the time
To show us they care!
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Help us remember
those suffering Saints,
persecuted Brethren
who are weak and faint.
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Let us choose Leaders,
who will take us through,
on bended knee
Who will Worship You!
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Hear our Hearts cry,
for the deep needs of man,
lost souls wandering,
Lord help them understand!
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Give us new courage,
though weary some be,
Help us rise up,
To serve You faithfully.
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Thank you Lord
for another year,
of trials and tests,
Though we shed many tears.
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Your grace is abounding,
Your love has no measure,
You created man
For Your love and pleasure!
bar cross Jesus bible
Now we head into
another year,
With You beside us,
We need Not Fear!
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Thank You Father,
For the hope we have,
Eternity with You,
Makes my heart glad!
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Nothing on earth
can take Your place,
My Saviour, Redeemer,
Oh Your Majesty and Grace!
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Mary Ann Trott
December 31, 2011



He took my place upon that tree,
oh the sins He bore for you and me.
The tears I shed were on his back,
He bled, He died, He bought me back.

The trail of Love He left behind
for all to see but they were blind.
The sneers, the crowds, their angry fear
hurt my dear Saviour as they drew near.

They tore his flesh, they beat his brow,
they mocked and cheered, an empty crowd.
He gave his Life for you and me
as He hung upon the cross at Calvary.

Their empty eyes, their angry stare,
as they watched my Saviour hanging there.
If they had known who was on that tree,
they would have bowed at Calvary.

But He took MY PLACE and willingly,
gave up His life for you and me.
As the sky grew dark and blackness came,
He bore my sin, He bore my shame.

My Saviour died upon that tree
one dark day at Calvary.
He broke the power of sin and shame
never again to bear that pain.

He took My place, He bled and died,
So I can be forever by His side.

Oh the Joy that set me free
the day my Saviour died for Me.

Our Risen Lord who took my place,
is now in Heaven as He waits,
the time is near for the trumpet blast,
My Saviour’s Shout, we are home at last!

Blessings, Mary ann Trott
November 11th, 2007
This is the first Poem God gave me.







Father I just don’t understand
why all these trials are thrusk upon man?
Lord I am battle scarred and weary
Right now, there is just no theory.
It seems we are fighting hurricane force winds,
we end one battle and another begins.
My child, you must listen to me,
take some time and sit at my knee.
The enemy looks for ways to devour,
He wants to sift you like wheat and leave you no power!
You must wear my Armour and never delay,
Spend Time on your Knees, and Seriously Pray!
He looks for a way to open that door,
and wants to come in and strike with that Roar!
What does my Word tell you to do?
Obey me Child, and I will see you through.
His vengence grows stronger as more battles you face,
He is trying hard child, to take you out of this race.
Discouragement is his Number one Tool,
You must guard your heart child, for he is no fool.
He stirs up dissension, hatred and strife,
he would like nothing better then to end your life.
I have warned you my child, pay no heed,
Listen to my voice, and do it with speed.
This is the time when you must fight the good fight,
Lay down your life and and put an end to all strife.
Do not be careless in thought, Word or Deed,
It opens doors, and will plant the wrong seed.
I know your tired my child and you need Rest in Me,
Let me refreshen you, and in Me you will see.
I have come to Give Life, not take it away,
Abide in My word and close by me, just stay.
I will sustain you as you look on my Face,
Now stand on your feet, and get back in the Race,
I have set before you, doors no man can close,
Now Child, stop struggling and don’t let him impose.
Let the winds blow, no harm can they do,
I raise up my Hand and speak Peace to those too!
Get into My Word like never before,
I walked this earth and suffered much more!
Do you not recall Child what I suffered for you?
I know what its like to be weary and blue,
To feel rejection, pain and distress.
But I trusted in my Fathers Heavenly Rest.
Keep your eyes glued on me and not on those trials,
Have I not commanded you, “Be Strong”, all the while,
I have told you Not to Fear and cling to my Hand,
On Me you must Depend child, and not on Man.
One Day I will take you from this earth, on that you can depend,
But for now Child, there are many fences you must mend.
I gave you Life so you could enjoy your time on earth,
I watched over you, as your dear mother gave you birth.
I have a purpose and destiny for each man,
For you child, I have laid out my plan,
Concentrate on me and my Will for you,
Stop allowing others to affect you as they do.
I sent you here and opened the Way,
and for now my child, on this earth you must stay.
Let those winds blow, they cannot harm you,
I have removed their sting, now what more can they do?
You must walk in Love and learn my Ways,
Pay heed to my Commands and a Price you must pay,
Study my Word both day and Night,
and In me Child, you will find your Delight!
Mary Ann Trott
March 17th, 2008




In the early morning hours,
I gather up my Bible
and head out to my deck
Where I am anything but idle.
I sit in a quiet place 
to meditate,
read God’s Word
but then I hesitate.
I look up
and  there I see
a Rabbit running
wild and free.
He pauses here
and dashes there,
I see God’s Wonders
Worship begins
to fill my heart,
I read His Word
and my day does start.
I ponder as
the trees I see,
dancing in the wind
Just meant for me!
My spirit is alive
and Praise begins,
Father your Creation
brings a Hallowed Amen!
I look up
And see the sky,
all colors of blue,
White clouds floating by.
My spirit soars
As I read His Word,
I know beyond a doubt,
My prayers are being heard.
My front porch
has become a Sanctuary,
Where I meet my God
And there we tarry.
Surrounded by the Glory
of the Living King,
My Spirit rejoices,
and Inside Praises ring.
Each day I meet
My God out there,
On my Front Porch
Where He makes we aware!
And Through His eyes
I suddenly see,
That Nature was meant
To restore You and Me!
Lord you have created
This World for us,
Let us not miss the blessings
And in You, put our trust.


Wildlife, trees,
Flowers in bloom,
You have arranged all this
To remove all doom and gloom.
It thrills my soul,
When a deer strolls by,
Those deep dark eyes,
All their needs, You supply!
I thank you
for my front porch view,
Where I sit and ponder
And share my thoughts with You!
Mary Ann Trott
July 21, 2011



Days of regret,
sorrow and grief,
consoling myself
finding no relief.
Wasted years,
time gone by,
Could have been spent
Serving the Lord, but I…
Was Lost in time,
pleasures fulfilled,
Chasing the wind
Looking for thrills.
Oh Lord, to turn back
The hands of time,
Make up for lost hours
but it can’t be mine!
Hearts broken
Tears shed,
Walking this earth
in fear and dread.
Then Surrender
came at last,
He removed the stain
of my sordid past.
Don’t look back
I heard Him say,
In my heart so clear
That bright sunny day!
Lift your head,
keep your eyes on Me,
I came and died
to set you free!
Repent Child,
I am here for you,
Leave the past behind,
does no good to review!
Make straight paths,
Follow Me,
I will lead you on
to Eternity!
I have taken your sin,
sorrow and shame,
My Child, you need never
bear them again!
Come follow Me now,
Leave the Sea of Regret,
I make all things New,
And your past I forget!
Mary Ann Trott
February 1, 2011





The Lamb of God who walked this earth,
You came and died and gave New Birth.
Oh so Worthy are you Lord,
We all sing to you in One accord!

We lay our Crowns at your feet,
You have made us dear Lord, oh so complete.
There is No one like You anyplace,
How we long to gaze upon your face.

When we look upon the Ocean shore,
You gave us all this, yet so much more!
The Majestic trees of every kind,
A single Rose, are we so blind?

The birds singing in the trees,
flowers dancing in the breeze.
The morning grass, so full of dew,
Oh Lord, this makes us think of You!

A babies face and tenderness,
Oh Lord with this you have carassed,
Our hearts expand, we feel such love,
Coming only from the Father above.

To walk those shores of Galilee,
with One so wise as thee,
To see your face and hear your voice,
Oh Lord, how my heart would have rejoiced!

You walked this earth, touched many hearts,
Gave grown men a brand new start.
You fished with men you loved so much,
You reached their hearts with tender touch.

Men so full of vigor and life,
Yet in your presence, nothing else would suffice,
Your closeness they longed to behold,
Oh Lord, their hearts to you were sold!

Your heart so full of Love for man,
You gave your life, how will we ever understand?
Mere man, so foolish and unwise,
Yet you left your Home in the Heavenly skies.

Oh Lord to have seen your long wavy hair,
blowing in the wind without a care,
Even knowing you`d face the Cross,
You thought of us and paid the cost!

From the Cross your eyes did see,
The emptiness of Humanity.
Your look of Love, they did not embrace,
They turned their backs upon your grace.

There is Rivalry, bitterness and disunity,
Each man for himself, Oh Lord what a pity.
We need to lay hold and change our ways,
Learn lessons taught by the Ancient of Days!

Your near, Even at the Door,
All signs are here, you have shown us before,
Your Word declares, and such shall be,
No man can stop the plans of Thee!

There is no one like You on this earth,
You came to us, a babe at birth.
You grew in wisdom, stature and Love,
Now I long for you in My Home above!

Mary Ann Trott
May 22, 2009


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