Lord I sit in silent prayer,
lifting up loved ones everywhere.
Father help me not lose hope,
So much of this is beyond my scope!
Help me not give up on them,
Give me strength to trust again,
Lead me on and help me stand,
Or dear Lord, I am on sinking sand!
Their is no interest in things of God,   
I once was there, but no longer trod,
You love them more than any man,
Father help them understand!
Help them find the road to You,
Fill their soul and make all things new.
You gave life to them as You did me,
Lord help them, set them free.
Help me rise above the view,
Not give up as satan wants me to.
We walk by faith and not by sight,
Help me Lord never give up the fight.
You died for them as you did for me,
Father God, help them see.
The end is near, they are lost,
And you Dear Jesus, paid such a cost.
The battle belongs to you Oh God,
You walked this earth, many miles trod,
You gave your life for all mankind,
Help them Father not to be so blind.
The Cross upon which You died,
shed Your blood and was crucified,
has not lost its power to save man,
Oh Father, please do all You can.
You know their hearts,
You love them so,
Don’t let them fall,
To the depths below.
Help me be a light to them,
Remove from me every selfish whim,
Fill me with Your Spirit Lord,
To be in ones flesh, such cannot afford!
Give us courage to live the life,
and pay the price You sacrificed.
Draw us to You and fill our hearts,
From Your ways, let us never depart!
God have mercy on their souls,
sin has taken such a tole.
You promised, nothing is too difficult for You,
I am hanging on Your Word, so true!
January 13th, 2013
Mary Ann Trott


bar dove nice use it


He is – Father to the orphans
He is – Comfort in the storms
He is – Hope to the Hopeless
He is – Shelter to the worn!

He is – Help for the helpless
He is – Seeking for the lost
He is – Healing to the hurting
He is – Our Saviour at great cost!

He is – Bearer of our burdens
He is – Strength for the weary
He is – Gentle with the anguished
He is – Close to the teary!

He is – Kind to the friendless
He is – Shepherd of the sheep
He is – Gentle with the frail
He is – Keeper of the meek!

He is – The Word of God
He is – Home for the homeless
He is – Peace in the Storm
He is – Our hope in distress!

He is – Deliverer of the captives
He is – with us from the start
He is – Soon Coming King
He is -The Song in our hearts!

He is – My Intercessor
He is – Everlasting Father
He is – Drawing us closer
He is – The Living Water!

He is – Rescuer of the Dying
He is – Captain of the Host
He is – The Resurrection and the Life
He is – To those who love Him most!

He is – My refuge and Strong Tower
He is – The Bright and Morning Star
He is – The Lily of My Valley
He is – With me from afar!

Mary Ann Trott
September 30th, 2012



I hear Jesus calling,
Come unto Me,
I long to help you
and Set you free.

Oh Lord and My God,
My Redeemer and Friend,
I must always learn,
On You to depend.

Lift us up Father,
to Heights unknown,
And show our allegiance
To you Alone!

You are coming soon,
Our hearts rejoice,
But for now
we have a choice.

We can rise up
with Angels wings,
This life is temporal,
We must not cling.

To things of this world,
that pass away,
We must come out,
Not here to stay!

Your worthy Oh Lord,
Our hearts do Praise,
Lift us up Lord,
The Ancient of Days!

This world has nothing
to offer me,
You paid the Sacrifice
and Set me free.

Keep my focus
where it needs to be,
Upon Jesus only
Who truly loves me!

I long for you Lord,
And your Glory to see,
To be with You
is enough for me!

My Father in Heaven,
You love us so,
Creatures so unworthy,
here below.

How I thank
and Praise Your Name,
You saved my soul,
A new Creature, I became.

I long to see You
Face to Face,
Bow before You
and submit to Your Grace.

Nothing on earth
Is worth the price,
To reject Jesus
Our Only Sacrifice!

There is no other way,
To see Gods face,
but bow at his feet
And receive His Grace.

Jesus is calling,
One by one,
Come to Me,
The Only Begotten Son!

He wants you to come now,
His arms open wide,
come children come,
You must decide!

Eternity you face,
Its your decision,
Call On His Name,
For our Christ has Risen!

Do not play games,
Nor close a deaf ear,
Heed His Voice,
The time is Near!

Do not harden
your hearts,
Though scoffers there’ll be,
Come now, while Salvation is Free!

He took our place,
upon that tree,
Carried our sins
and all Iniquities.

His took the fall
tortured was He,
Whipped and scourged,
All for You and Me!

He awaits now
For you to decide,
Eternity with Him,
Or die in your pride!

Jesus is calling,
He has paid the price,
Gave up His life,
He gladly Sacrificed!

Come to the Saviour,
He is calling your name,
He wants you with Him,
You’ll never be the same!

Your future secure,
In His loving embrace,
While we wait here on earth
To See Him Face to Face!

Mary Ann Trott
September 13, 2011




My heart cries out Lord,
I need to feel you Peace,
Valley’s are deep
I need to have release.

Time marches on,
so much distress,
I need to see your Majesty
And feel at peace and rest.

Turmoil surrounds us,
life spirals out of control,
But You speak to my heart
And try to Quiet and still my soul.

So much confusion,
I feel lost in despair,
naked and alone
Do you truly care?

I look to Your Word,
and it starts to speak,
Walk by faith, not by sight,
Or My child you’ll be weak.

Faint not, nor lose your hope,
Keep your trust in Me,
Have I not promised to sustain
and never to forsake thee!

I am Here though it is dark,
at times you cannot see,
nor feel my Presence by your side,
But I am here with Thee!

In the dark hours of the night,
When tears run down your cheek,
Look up and see Me my face child,
I am strong but you are weak.

The tempter comes to taunt you,
put thoughts inside your mind,
Pay no heed to him,
He is Master of this kind.

Look to Me, lift up your voice,
I want to hear your Praise,
Sing to Me, Call My Name,
I Am the Ancient of Days!

Let not your heart be troubled,
I will never leave your side,
Rest now my Child,
You are my Joy and Pride.

Fear not, nor be dismayed,
Just cry out to Me,
I hear your every Word,
I long to set your Free!

Rest now weary one,
Your Trials I will bear,
Cast those cares of Me,
I AM the One who truly cares!

My grace is sufficient,
Your heart can be at peace,
Peace flows like a River,
When to Me, your cares release!

Mary AnnTrott
October 20, 2011


may God bless you with love and pace

Father its the end of
another year,
A time when your will
has been made very clear.

This earth is suffering,
floods, drought and disaster,
Your Word has prepared us,
You are Our Lord and Master!

Thank you for the
kind souls that truly care,
the friends that encourage
when we are laid bare!

Thank you for hope
to sustain a weary soul,
Your Word that heals us
and makes us whole!

Thank you for those
who have tender hearts,
who walk with us,
when the way is dark.

Thank you for Pastors,
Leaders and such,
You gave to us
And who give us so much!

Thank you for families,
And friends who share,
Who take the time
To show us they care!

Help us remember
those suffering Saints,
persecuted Brethren
who are weak and faint.

Let us choose Leaders,
who will take us through,
on bended knee
Who will Worship You!

Hear our Hearts cry,
for the deep needs of man,
lost souls wandering,
Lord help them understand!

Give us new courage,
though weary some be,
Help us rise up,
To serve You faithfully.

Thank you Lord
for another year,
of trials and tests,
Though we shed many tears.

Your grace is abounding,
Your love has no measure,
You created man
For Your love and pleasure!

Now we head into
another year,
With You beside us,
We need Not Fear!

Thank You Father,
For the hope we have,
Eternity with You,
Makes my heart glad!

Nothing on earth
can take Your place,
My Saviour, Redeemer,
Oh Your Majesty and Grace!


Mary Ann Trott
December 31, 2011



bird brn back and blue front


I speak to my soul,
“Be Still”,
God has not left,
He never will.

Though desolate
I may feel,
His presence is with me
and His love very real.

Tossed about,
We may be,
But He gathers our tears
For all Eternity.

Clouds may darken,
The Road is long,
But I hear His Voice
“Child, sing me a song”.

Sing my soul, Sing,
Praise His Name,
Raise your voice
He will forever sustain!

My heart is heavy,
Burdens weigh me down,
Lord how can I sing,
when I wear but a frown?

Oh Child of mine,
Why so blue?
I knew you before you were born,
and watched over you!

Look up child,
to Me, your cares release,
I am here for you,
Your Great High Priest!

The birds sleep
though dark the night,
They have no fear,
For I Am their sight!

Stand strong,
Cast those cares on Me,
No longer in Bondage,
I have set you free!

Now rest Child,
But at the break of Dawn,
Rise up early,
And sing Me a Song!

Mary Ann Trott
June 7, 2012



Lead me on
Help me stand,
don’t let me get entangled
and miss the Promised Land.

Give me Your meek
and gentle Spirit,
Tune my ear to You
and let me fear it!

Noise, confusion all around,
things to draw us away
from You
and Miss our Crown.

Let me walk that
straight and narrow way,
there is no room
for foolishness to stray.

This earth is corrupted,
lawlessness abounds,
I long to hear
that trumpet sound!

Resue me Lord,
from contention and strife,
Let me live like Jesus did,
A holy and righteous life.

The road we tred
is filled with satans snares,
He sets the traps
Tries to catch us unawares!

Led me on
Precious Lord,
Give me strength
To walk in One Accord!

Remove the blinders
from our eyes,
Send Your mercy,
Let us not be caught by surprise!

Keep us strong
Oh Precious Saviour,
Rid ourselves,
of selfish behaviour.

Let Your love flow,
Into our hearts,
Take control
From us, never depart!

Help us walk
in newness of life,
putting aside
All bitterness and strife.

Fill us with
the Joy of the Lord,
To hate our brothers,
we cannot afford!

Quench our thirst,
Let the Rivers flow,
Ancient of Days,
I love you so!

Without You,
I could not walk a mile,
Would not care
To bring anyone a smile!

Flood us Father,
with Your love divine,
Without You,
we are so selfishly inclined!

Let us bring Glory,
to Your Holy Name,
Fill us to overflowing,
We will never be the same!

Mary Ann Trott
August 19th, 2012



The voice of God
I hear so clear
in winds that blow
and songs so dear.

The sky so blue,
clouds floating by,
I hear His voice
and wonder why?

Do I not sit
in silence and be still
and Let My Lord
My Spirit fill?

The clammer and noise
just rushes in,
spoiling the time
I need to be with Him.

To be at His feet,
with an open heart,
This is the way
my day should start.

I hear that soft voice,
calling me,
Come Child,
I need to set you free.

So much confusion,
chaos and strife,
distractions galore,
they can ruin a life.

Come dine with Me,
be at My feet,
I have much to teach you,
Before the day is complete.

You are weary and worn,
from the cares of life,
I warned you about this,
so much contention and strife.

Learn to be still,
Hear my voice,
in the wind that blows,
and your heart will rejoice.

I will quiet your spirit,
but you must obey,
Hear me out child,
do not delay!

The stress of life,
will wear you out,
Spend time with Me,
I will remove those doubts.

Listen Child,
Come close to Me,
I am here for you,
For all Eternity.

Hear the birds,
sing sweetly in the trees,
Listen to flowers,
as they blow in the breeze.

My voice is there,
calling to you,
in the falling leaves
and sky so blue.

Look at the petals,
of a rose,
smell the fragrance
and all I disclose.

The ocean waves,
stars in the sky,
All this I created,
do not let them pass you by!

I count those tears,
I see the distress,
When you come to Me,
I give you peace and rest!

I love my children
gathered round my knee,
Now come Child,
my voice is calling to thee!

Mary Ann Trott
September 6th, 20th, 2012



Lord I know the time is short,
but it isn’t short enough for me.
My heart longs to be with You
and start enjoying Eternity!

No more sorrow, suffering or pain
awaits us all up there,
around the throne of God
No longer will be a care!

I want to walk with Jesus
See his face in all His glory,
My heart beats Oh God
To hear the Redemption story.

I don’t care about Mansions,
Even streets paved with Gold,
I just want to be Jesus,
His Beauty to Behold!

Just give me a little cabin,
simple with no frills,
Just let me walk with You
On those rolling Hills.

Right now on this earth Oh Father,
so much is taking place,
My heart is torn in two
And You, they are trying to replace.

They build their idols
right before Your eyes,
Scoffers are arising now,
Telling us all their lies!

Whats around the corner Lord?
Man has lost his mind,
no respect for people,
Killing to pass the time.

Rage seems to reign,
Slaughter at the blink of an eye,
You told us all to keep our eyes
on that Eastern sky!

Come Lord Jesus, Come,
wickedness abounds,
My heart and soul just burst
to hear that trumpet sound!

Waiting for You to descend
from Heaven with a loud Shout!
Gathering all Your children,
Thats what its all about!

I know I must be patient,
more sowing we must do,
But my eyes are looking upward,
And my ears are tuned to You!

I wish tonight was the night,
To hear that trumpet blast!
And hear Your glorious Shout,
Your children coming home at last!

Mary Ann Trott
September 23rd, 2012


Jesus alone in clouds love it

Open our eyes Lord,
Help us to see,
The needs around us,
send us to our knees!

Easily deceived,
playing the games,
The devil outwits us,
if in You, we don’t remain.

So much around us
to draw us astray,
The lastest gadgets
All on display!

Counterfeit toys,
The enemies tools,
enticing us Father,
to break all Your rules.

We search for happiness
in pleasure and things,
that can’t satisfy us,
No joy it brings.

We run to our idols,
depending on man,
going in circles,
as fast as we can.

Do we see the children,
bellies englarged?
Drought and famine,
No one in charge?

Eating from dumpsters,
tears in their eyes,
Do we try to help them,
Do we even realize?

Lord have mercy on us,
Make our hearts pure,
Tender and loving,
Kind to the Poor.

If only a smile,
phone call or visit,
Word of Encouragement,
Lord let us live it.

How we treat others Lord,
Is how we treat You,
Remind us of this,
As Your Word is so true!

Cleanse us Oh Lord,
From our selfish ways,
Flood us with Your Love,
Oh Sweet Ancient of Days!

Mary Ann Trott
October 25, 2012

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